Black Friday Sale on OnlyFans

Hello guys, fans & rubber lovers all over the world,

I hope you had all a good time and stayed healthy! Stay healthy! Corona changed all our lives. I never would have thought some month before that all this could happen. But it happened and it is still happening. Every day! New measures for safety and health. As you might know I was the last month most likely active on my OnlyFans site as my website server is full with tons of videos and material and my webmasters said that this old design can’t be transfered to the new server. So I was thinking for the last month what to do!

So I’m working (the webmasters are) in the background on the new website which I will launch on 2021!! I hope it will be a better 2021 year than this shit of year 2020. 2020 wasn’t very good to me. I lost family members, corona and a lot more private stuff happened which I would love to forget. Nevertheless some good stuff was showing up too. Like my OnlyFans growing fast.

Currently I have over 800 HD videos produced in the last 7-8 month this year for OnlyFans! I would love to upload it here too, but no space :( : Today it’s Black Friday and I have a super nice offer! 70% OFF for my OnlyFans for 30 days for the first 100 Subs!



You can also book Skype private sessions! Just give me an e-mail ( or DM on OnlyFans!

I’ll gonna try to be as often as possible LIVE in full heavy rubber enclosure on my channels which are left for that. This is my and on my instagram accounts

My facebook account was suspended from posting for 30 days! And every day some idiot at facebook is comeing back with another 30 day penalty for pics which were already deleted from them. I guess the facebook system has already the corona virus!
Together we gonna beat that virus!

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