A weekend in red rubber encasement

Many of my customers have unusual wishes. Desires from the world of the bizarre and perverse kind. Combined with rubber fetishism and an urge to exercise control over the woman. To enclose the woman in a steel chastity belt so that she can no longer satisfy herself alone. That she can no longer take off her rubber outfit alone. When it comes to turning bizarre fantasies into reality, I’m probably one of the first points of contact for many of my clients. I’m a rubber fetishist. I in pervert. I love bdsm. I’m generally open to new sex practices. These are probably the requirements that you (woman) have to have so that you can do something like in this video.

It was last year when a client asked me to come to his house. I’ve known this customer for a long time, so I wasn’t afraid to do a session with him at home. Because of Corona, the studios were all closed right now, so it was one of the few options you still had. My guest wanted me to be completely enclosed in rubber. I even had to wear a mask that completely filled my mouth with rubber, perfectly anatomical. He put my chastity belt on me over my rubber suit. My cunt disappeared behind the steel plate while he used a thick metal dildo in the KG for my ass.

He placed a camera over the bed, then left the room. I should now only try to bring myself to orgasm. He wanted to know if and how I would be able to satisfy myself in the chastity belt. Whether I succeeded or not, you can see in the approx. 27:44 min long video!

Have fun jerking off :)


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