Massive PENIS GAG Training in 4 layers of rubber

It’s finally 39:14 minutes long and has 2.8 GB. This clip was created this weekend (August 14-15 2021) while I was locked in my rubber prison and chastity belt. My c**t is encased in it’s thick rubber pu**y while the chastity belt is making it totally impossible to stimulate my c**t from outside.

I’m putting on my Pe**s Gag Hood with the long nasal tubes and the massive rubber pe**s gag with breathing tube. Over this hood I put first the Open Face Hood on and after that the Inflatable Ballhood. That combination is really heavy and extreme. At least the first layer of rubber is 3mm then 0,8mm + 2x 1,2mm rubber of the internal and outer ballhood.

Some minutes later I realize that the pressure on my head is too much. I decided to remove the ballhood and then I was enjoying the Pe**s Gag Hood on my bed as outside it was 36°C hot and sunny.


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