Inflatable Rubber Catsuit with Mistress Sadiq Pt 1

It was Mistress Sadiq’s first moments in my private playroom. She hadn’t seen much rubber before and found my inflatable bondage catsuit super interesting. It wasn’t long before Mistress Sadiq put me in my Demask inflatable bondage catsuit. Properly pumped up, I was placed on the bondage bed and was allowed to watch how she slowly restricted my already very limited freedom of movement with the bondage ropes.

With every passing minute, one D-ring after the other was tied to the bed and the deeper she got, the further apart my legs were fixed. That was of course what she wanted, because the advantage of such a bondage catsuit is of course that the Mistress has full access to the pleasure center of her rubber whore through the crotch zipper.

After Mistress Sadiq fixed me laboriously in bondage, of course what had to come came. She wanted to look at my horny cunt clad and lined in rubber and of course it shouldn’t just be just looking at it…


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