The Boomer Chair Pt1

After many weeks of waiting the Style-Fetish “Super Boomer” arrived finally in the dungeon “Darkest Dreams” in Vienna and Lady Evelyn and I were hot on trying it out… …Lady Evelyn dressed me up into my complete black heavy rubber outfit. My black catsuit with lockable zippers squeezed my boobs tightly into the cups while the Rubber’s Finest mouth feautre mask filled out my complete mouth. It was the anatomical mouth piece which made talking or anything else impossible. The COR13 made me a nice waist and over my naked pussy and ass Lady Evelyn buckled my rubberpussy, so that she will be able to remove it easily while playing with me. First my hands were bound on the Super Boomer chair with the adjustable arm wrists. Very special was the spreaded finger bondage. Between my fingers wererubber pieces which hold my fingers in position and I wasn’t able to move or do anything with them. Really a very interesting new feeling of bondage this Super Boomer was. After Lady Evelyn bound my hands and fingers she used the head bondage device on me too. It was like a flap in which was a piece of rubber with many small holes.There were also one bigger hole for the mouth and also for nose and eyes. The flap was pressed tightly down and the rubber pressed my head to the chair and hold it in this position. Finally it was a feeling like your head was put in a soft bench. I couldn’t rotate my head or see the rest of my bound and rubberized body on the chair. I only saw Lady Evelyn’s glittering eyes, happy about the new Super Boomer and me being totally helpless bound on it. As a Total Control freak, Lady Evelyn had some very naughty ideas what she wants to do with me in this position. Between my legs there was the fucking machine and also the magic wand holder. First she positioned the magic wand on my pussy and started it, while the fucking machine was still in place and ready to fuck out my brain once I was horny as hell. But this was not enough for her. She also pushed me an double dildo electrode into my ass and connected it to the E-Stim device. Seconds later I was stimulated on every possible way and couldn’t do anything against it…


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