Very special treatment with Dominique la Mer

It was a cold saturday after christmas and my telephone ringed. It was Mistress Dominique la Mer. She said she found a wonderful place in Düsseldorf for having some nice hours in full heavy rubber. I was very curious about this new fetish place and therefore I went home packed my rubber outfits and drove to the address Dominique la Mer gave me…

…I needed some hours to pack my rubber stuff and outfits so it was very late when I arrived at the address I got from Dominique la Mer. It was an old castle in a black and lonely forrest near the city. Infront of the huge and very monumental building were two wonderful trees which were illuminated from the ground and I could see the trees blowing in the wind. I parked my car next to the car from Dominique la Mer and took my two huge suitcases out of the trunk. Then I went over the gravelly soil to the big wooden door. I ringed the bell and I had to wait some seconds till I heard High-Heels clicking on the stone floor. The wooden door opened slowly. Mistress Dominique la Mer opened the door. She was already dressed up in black latex. She gave me a kiss and then she showed me this wonderful place…

…One hour later we went downstairs where the S/M playing area was located. It was a great S/M dungeon with a huge throne and a wonderful bed with a special custom made pillory system and a lot of other great S/M toys and furniture. After I dressed up fully in rubber I was placed on the huge S/M bed…


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